Quality & Reliable In - Home Care

Quality & Reliable In - Home Care

Quality & Reliable In - Home Care Quality & Reliable In - Home Care Quality & Reliable In - Home Care

"Care From Our Hearts, To Your Home"


Call us TOLL FREE @ 1-877-513-0804


Care Coordination Line: 707-468-7824

Quality & Reliable In - Home Care

Quality & Reliable In - Home Care

Quality & Reliable In - Home Care Quality & Reliable In - Home Care Quality & Reliable In - Home Care

"Care From Our Hearts, To Your Home"


Call us TOLL FREE @ 1-877-513-0804


Care Coordination Line: 707-468-7824

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About Us!


About United Medical Resources, Inc. (UMRI)

              United Medical Resources, Inc. is a Licensed & Bonded                                 In - Home Care Agency . HCO/CDSS # 234700002                  

United Medical Resources Inc. was founded on the  premise of providing quality in - home care from our  hearts to your home. We believe in selecting  caregivers who are skilled, experienced, and  passionate about serving seniors and disabled  individuals. Each person on our team receives (16)  hours of personalized training and orientation. Our Caregivers go through a FBI/DOJ/CDSS Screened Background Checks & all of our CG's are Registered, Valid DL & go through many hours of health and safety training before ever being paired with a client. Our  leadership is dedicated to supporting the  needs of  our clients 24 hours per day 7 days a week,  including nights, weekends, and holidays. We make it our Mission & Values to provide our clients with affordable Professional In – Home Care Services and Support in a home-based environment. By providing you or your loved one with quality in-home care; reducing stress and allowing him/her to maintain the level of independence they are accustomed/choose to. We know that the need for care varies from client to client - every situation is different. That's why we have customized Care Plans to best fit your situation that can be changed as needed; Whether you need immediate long-term 24-hour care, just light housekeeping, or transportation to a Medical & other appointment, United Medical Resources, Inc. In Home Care can provide the service promptly and efficiently. It is our number one goal and mission to deliver the regions highest quality In – Home Care to our consumers. UMRI Selects Dynamic Care Staff and is cultivating a culture of Quality Caregiving. UMRI Utilizes a State of the Art Software System; where Caregivers have GPS Log-In and Record Keeping (among many other productive parts to it) to help ensure very high Standard Care & Professionalism for our Clients and, to make it convenient and much easier for our Caregiver’s/Employees. Not only Caregivers, but all UMRI’s Employees including Office Staff go through the same on board process, all have many hours of very specific training such as: Health & Safety, Infection Control, Company policies, CPR & First Aide Training, all have been cleared through CDSS (California Department of Social Services) to work as a Caregiver in the State of CA., Background Clearance, TB clearance, and all have Valid Drivers License, reliable vehicle & current Car Insurance, HIPPA Training. Also; We insure, bond, and cover our caregivers under applicable worker's compensation laws. United Medical Resources, Inc. delivers and constantly strides to deliver loving “Care From our hearts, to your Home TM”, we also have a 24 HR. Personal Answering System, to make sure you can get ahold us during any time of need. United Medical Resources, Inc. helps the Elderly/Disabled individuals remain safe and independent for as long as possible in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We offer loving, quality in-home care services for a wide range of needs. When it comes to Elderly/disabled In- home care, we know there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. That's why our customized Care Plans focus on the individual Client’s needs first. We create well thought out, custom solutions to improve overall health and quality of life. We screen and train all caregivers to ensure they can uphold our high standards for Elderly/Disabled care services. We will work to provide our clients with the best fit possible in all situations. We will also make sure that our Caregiver’s are listened to and heard as well, because we understand their rights as caregivers as well. Part of our great training process is our Orientation Presentation and our Interaction Approach to care. This approach aims to connect clients with caregivers on a more personal level. The reward in this is that it transforms the client relationship into one based on companionship and trust. Here at UMRI we care about our clients and want him or her to remain engaged in their own care. Care plans are customizable, based on the health, needs, and wants of those in our care. Let's work together to craft client’s care plan to fit our client’s unique needs. Whether it's just a few hours per week, or continual around-the-clock care, we can find a solution. We'll determine the best possible care plan to maximize our client’s vitality and longevity of lif


Services We Provide

 Personal Care : Our personalized services and timely help include:

· Bathing and Dressing 

· Toileting and Incontinence Care

· Companionship/Socialization

· Grooming & Hygiene 

· Grocery shopping/ & Other errands

· Laundry

· Light Housekeeping

· Medication reminders

· Meal planning and preparation

· Oral and personal hygiene

· Respite care

· Mobility Assistance & Exercise 

· Transferring and Positioning

· Transportation

· All the way up to 24 Hour Bed Ridden/ Hospice care (with assistance from a licensed  Hospice agency)

Grooming, and Hygiene : United Medical Resources, Inc. goal is to assist our clients with their personal care routines, so they can look and feel their best. Studies have proven how effective and positive it is for seniors to have regular hygiene and grooming for clients who fear falling while bathing or have physical or cognitive limitations that make bath-time difficult, our caregivers are there to help. We can assist with shampooing, shaving (with an electric shaver), hair combing and styling, and other grooming needs. Grooming Guidance: Paying particular attention to grooming can help a senior feel and look better. As a person ages, grooming can sometimes present physical challenges. Our caregivers assist clients with shampooing, shaving, hair combing and styling, and other grooming needs so seniors can look and feel their best.

Mobility Assistance: Remaining active in your golden years is one of the best ways to maintain the quality of life. Our caregivers help seniors remain active by assisting them in getting from place to place in comfort and safety.

Transferring and Positioning: One of our top priorities is helping our clients move around their homes. This may include getting in and out of bed, chairs, and wheelchairs. Proper transferring and positioning can contribute to reducing bedsore risks. This also helps reduce muscle atrophy, while encouraging proper breathing and digestion. It can also lower the risk of falls and injuries, as well as keep our clients as comfortable as possible. 

Toileting and Incontinence Care : We understand the sensitive nature of toileting and incontinence care for our clients. Without proper help, seniors can face many issues, these may include skin infections, unpleasant odors, and general hygiene problems. Our caregivers offer compassionate, dignified help with these personal aspects of daily living. 

Nutrition: Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet can impact well-being and vitality across the board. In fact, many seniors have meal plans they must stick to for health reasons. Whether you’re looking for help adhering to a special diet or just want to improve nutrition, our caregivers can help. They also provide companionship; turning meals into social time by engaging with seniors while they eat. The positive environment helps them feel more relaxed. Supervision also makes certain your loved ones get proper nourishment. Our caregivers help certain clients stay on prescribed diets to prevent or control a wide variety of medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Our caregivers also help clients eat nutritious menus to promote disease prevention, healing, and healthy living.  We make an extra effort to turn meals into enjoyable social time by engaging our clients in conversation over food.

Laundry: Our caregivers can take care of all laundry needs, either in the home or at a nearby laundromat. These services may include washing, drying, ironing, and putting clean laundry away.

Light Housekeeping: Our caregivers are available to provide light housekeeping. Our services include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms (sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets), cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, and taking out the trash), straightening all rooms, organizing closets and drawers, and cleaning any interior windows reachable without a ladder.

Grocery Shopping/Errands: Getting around can be difficult for seniors, especially if they are unable to drive. Our caregivers take care of this problem by running around and completing the errands for you. This can include grocery shopping, Doctors appointments, and other errands, such as stopping at the pharmacy or post office. Your loved ones are welcome to stay home or come along for the ride as a way to stay active.

Transportation: Being out and about benefits a senior’s mind, body, and spirit. It's an integral part of United Medical Resources, Inc.’ Interactive Caregiving. For older adults unable to drive, our caregivers provide transportation incidental to other services, such as medical appointments, barbershops, beauty salons, and shopping. Just about anywhere your senior wants to go, our caregivers can help them get there.

Medication Reminders : Although our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can assist in ensuring that clients take their medication as prescribed, our caregivers can help with opening medication containers, reading labels, and reminding the client when it is time for the next dose to ensure they stay on schedule with their prescribed medications: These helpful reminders safeguard that your loved ones are taking their medications as prescribed. Our caregivers work closely with seniors to provide in-home care.


Highly Experienced & Screened CNA's, Home Health Aids, Registered Caregivers

 Each person on our team  including office staff receives (16)  hours of personalized training and orientation. Our Caregivers go through a FBI/DOJ/CDSS Screened Background Checks & all of our CG's are Registered, Valid DL & go through many hours of health and safety training before ever being paired with a client. Feel better in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in care and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assistance to an array of individuals. Whether you need daily or weekly assistance due to aging, illness, recovery, or rehabilitation, our caregivers will provide an individualized service that you can trust. We understand that not one care plan fits all. Daily services can include anything from meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, and supervision. We will take the time to get to know you and develop an individualized care plan that fits your specific needs. Companionship is key to a trusted relationship with our caregivers. We not only strive to help you with everyday tasks but want to develop a caring relationship with you. We provide one-on-one attention and care that cannot compare in other settings. 


Experience & Support

Care for Alzheimer's & Dementia Clients: 

Recovering from home after surgery can limit you with your daily activities. Whether you are recovering from major surgery, childbirth, or plastic surgery, our compassionate caregivers can assist you to a healthy and complete recovery.

Physical Disability Support:

Arthritis, physical disabilities, and age-related conditions are some of the few circumstances that prevent patients from caring for themselves. Our caregivers can assist you with daily tasks such as mobility, eating, exercising, and grooming.

Care for Alzheimer's & Dementia Clients: 

Our experienced and highly trained caregivers provide the highest quality of care to both patients and their families. Our goal is to help individuals and their loved ones live happy and fulfilling lives. 

Our experienced and highly trained caregivers provide the highest quality of care to both patients and their families. Our goal is to help individuals and their loved ones live happy and fulfilling lives. 



STEP 1 -  Client/Patient Seeks
In - Home Care: Call 707-468-7824. UMRI Representative will discuss the services we provide and go over the services you feel you want / need for you or your loved one. 

2nd Option for STEP 1 - 

YOU MAY SKIP THE CALL &:  fill out the "Free In Home Consultation"  Section Below by clicking the Purple button that is labeled  "Book" to schedule  a time to meet our care team at our office in Ukiah @ 1367 S. Dora Street, we can go over some services, rates, and more. By choosing this option it may possibly speed up the process alittle bit.

STEP 2 -  Asses/Evaluate:   

 UMRI representative comes to Clients home to meet Client & Family, Representative does assessment and sets - up Custom Care Plan.

STEP 3 - Implementation & Start of Care:   

UMRI Care Coordinator pairs Registered Caregiver to client based on clients custom care plan, Clients Interested, and Preferences. 


Answers to some Questions you may have.

How to Get Started:  Call our office and explain the type of care services you need, then we will set – up a time for the supervisor to come to your home to set a care plan and go over UMRI’s Care Contract, we will then allow you to meet some of our caregivers until you are satisfied with the one of your choice, Skilled and compassionate Right at Home senior care providers know just how to provide these tasks in a timely manner. Often, we can match a home caregiver to your senior’s individual needs and living situation within a few days of your initial contact with us. While we hesitate to rush and bypass our well-tested process in evaluating the optimum elder care experience for your loved one, we will work with you to make adjustments in more time-sensitive situations. Give us a call, and together we’ll figure out the next best steps for your senior’s continued well-being, safety and contentment.

How quickly can in-home service start?: Service can start in as little as 72 hrs. (3 Days) but can generally take at least a week or two.

Are we locked into a long-term service contract?: No United Medical Resources, Inc. does not lock you into a long-term contract. Our exceptional home care speaks for itself. We can accommodate the type and length of in-home care your loved one needs, whether your family needs a couple hours of respite care or you are looking for multiple weeks of care for your loved one. Contact your local Right at Home office to explore the types of non - medical services and care plans they may offer.

Why Use Non – Medical Care: Letting elders age in place can bring fear and uncertainty among family members who can’t regularly be on site with their loved one. United Medical Resources, Inc. non - medical In home care ensures seniors maintain as much self-sufficiency as possible, while family members remain at ease knowing their senior is receiving personal, trustworthy care. And, all at a price that’s more affordable than care facilities or a visiting nurse. In Home Care can include both professional and informal support networks such as family, neighbors, and friends. These individuals work together to meet your family’s needs. 

Non-medical In-Home Care in particular means that caregivers do not handle skilled nursing care like administering shots or tending wounds.

Will I have a choice in selecting the caregiver?  Absolutely!  Feedback from clients indicates that a personality match is the #1 factor in a caregiver match, so we highly encourage client input! We also work with each family in an initial home visit to understand what unique skills and personality they are looking for in a caregiver to ensure the best possible care.

What is the process for finding a caregiver?  Finding a United Medical Resources, Inc, Caregiver should be simple, and it should be quick! Just give us a call to tell us about your needs. We’ll set up a meeting at your home or in a place of your choosing. During that visit, we’ll make sure we understood everything you need, to customize a Care Plan and you can let us know if you have any additional questions or requests before we match you with a caregiver. We do our best to match you with a caregiver within

 24 -72 hours. 

What if I don’t like a caregiver?  United Medical Resources, Inc. Office team will do their best to stay in touch with you about your satisfaction with your provided care, but in the event that you are unhappy with a caregiver always feel free to reach out to your region supervisor and they will be happy to match you with another caregiver quickly and at no additional cost.

Levels Of Care

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United Medical Resources, Inc.

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Lucy "Mimi" G.

I am so truly happy,  & grateful to have this lovely company who helps Elderly and Disabled clients. They are the best support that I have ever been apart of and  I am happy with this companies performance, the office staff is professional, but amazing to their employees and their clients. They Treat their clients great; all clients I have worked with have had nothing but amazing stuff to say about Heather & Stephanie. I am just so happy with how they actually care about keeping their clients  safe, healthy, and taking good care of them at all times, but also how they treat their Employees here at UMRI you are truly appreciated, and for that I really appreciate all my superiors for all that they do for me, you guys are the best (especially in the in - home care industry) thank you too all of you.

Roberta S.

Lovely staff.  Kind, courteous, patient, understanding and I am glad I found them.

Heather G.

"Not only does this company offer professionalism and compassion but you will receive excellent care with their staffing. I would refer this company to anyone in need of in home care. I enjoy my employment"

Jahshri H.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank United Medical Resources for the efficient and caring way in which both my Aunt and I were treated. It was a great relief to me to know that whenever I called my needs and questions were answered quickly and with care and attention from all of the office staff.   I always believed my Aunt was being taken care of with  Genuine Care & Concern for her wellbeing.”

Kevin E.

“The thought of letting someone into our home to take care of our loved one and help with such personal care from a complete stranger was very unsettling, but Within the first 15 minutes of our meeting with UMRI, all my fears and anxieties went away. When they left I felt that this fine, agency with the lovely ladies who were so helpful and answered all of our concerns; at our FREE consultation (in the comfort of our home)  would give the same care to my mother as they would for their own. I felt that they genuinely cared, and truly answered every question I had with extreme knowledge and professionalism.”

Pauline G.

 "Very Happy with my Care, Great office staff and professional Caregivers"

Ben B.

 “If I ever needed home care, this the place I would want for me or my family, Heather is very professional and Friendly person, she truly is a  kind person who genuinely cares."

Michelle S.

 “Owner/Supervisor is the best;  Also, UMRI has Caring, Compassionate, Office Staff. I really Enjoy my employment with UMRI"

Denise K.

"This is a wonderful business that provides caring, supportive services for the elders & disabled in our community. I am honored to have become a part of this awesome team!"